Welcome to the NAMEPA Technical Résumé Access System (TRAcS)!

The NAMEPA TRAcS was created with the intent of becoming the largest collection of diverse STEM technical talent in the nation.  This would include résumés from engineering students, science students and technology students across all technical institutions. No one has more contact with diverse technical talent than NAMEPA members. 

TRAcS  is a searchable database of:

  • Résumés of STEM students
  • Outreach programs
    • (K-12 program information is available to the public)
  • College retention programs
  • Internships
  • Summer research opportunities.

To use the TRAcS system, click the URL below:


On the TRAcS site, STUDENTS can register for an account. If you are a NAMEPA Institutional Member or an Industry Supporter, you have a TRAcS Account, and should log on to your existing account. For questions about account activation, email Dr. Amy Freeman at  afreeman@engr.psu.edu.

Please keep in mind that this site is being developed and updated daily. Currently, you can:

-       Search students’ résumés
-       Add your internships and institutional programs that students can search
-       Search NAMEPA institution programs across the nation

With that in mind please make a special effort help NAMEPA to build this database.

Sponsors: Consider sponsoring student incentives that will encourage students to choose TRAcS when posting their résumés online.

Institutions: Please forward the link above to your students inviting them to upload their résumés. Encourage them to:

-       review résumé samples provided on the site
-       upload their best résumés
-       forward the link to other diverse groups of technical students. 

The TRAcS site is hosted by Penn State’s College of Engineering and provides professional development information (such as résumé samples) through the Penn State Engineering Career Resource Center.

We believe this tool will fill a large gap in the search for diverse technical talent for industry and institutions- as only NAMEPA can!


Frequently Asked Questions about NAMEPA TRAcS

  • Can students who are not attending NAMEPA Institutions upload resumes?
    • Yes. TRAcS is a national repository of technical talent from across the nation- not just NAMEPA institutions.
  • Can student who are not in engineering upload resumes?
    • Yes. Industry will often hire many forms of technical (STEM) talent. For example: Chemical Engineering is very similar to Chemistry, and both majors can perform well at similar jobs or in similar research programs. Students in engineering retention programs often gravitate to Science or Technology and are eligible for similar opportunities offered by industry and academia.
  • Does anyone review résumés before they are uploaded? Can I review résumés uploaded from my school?
    • Résumés are not reviewed at this time. However, in discussion with corporate representatives, it was concluded that in light of the many variations of information received by corporations at career fairs in the country, this group of résumés would probably be of similar quality with a minimal number of true problem documents. Students provide résumés with the intent of promoting themselves. Most résumés are fair to exceptional.
    • If you would like to review résumés from your school, simply sort them by Institution. We have also designed a tool that allows MEP directors to screen and upload résumés with the permission of the student.
  • Are corporations reviewing employees by race?
    • No, Corporations cannot see the race of the students. The overall diversity ratio of the whole database is given however. This is a live number that changes as students enter résumés. For example, users of the system will see the statement: “XX % of the students in the TRAcS system is underrepresented.” The term “underrepresented” in this case includes US citizens or permanent residents who are African American, Native American or Hispanic. This suggests that when using this system, a company knows the likelihood of getting a diverse candidate- but not necessarily specific information about a given candidate. It is possible to find that a candidate from this system is a majority student.
  • Can corporations review each others' job opportunities?
    • No.
  • How can corporations find student located nearest the work site.
    • Sort by NAMEPA region (nearest states) or by Institution.
  • Will the stipulations of access change for corporations and institutions?
    • Access is granted with NAMEPA Institutional membership or Industry Sponsorship. As we work through the initial process of implementing this new system, and as popularity grows, stipulations for access could change.

Send questions for the TRAcS Team to:  Dr. Amy Freeman at afreeman@engr.psu.edu.

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